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Adally Inclusion & Accessibility Experience (IAX)

Tools For Web Developers

Adally provides ADA compliance tools for web developers and design firms to make your customer’s websites accessible and inclusive for all.


Adally’s IAX-Standard solution gives web developers the ability to audit existing websites as well as provide tools to help build new accessible websites no matter what building platform is used.

Our infrastructure provides detailed audits that pinpoint exact errors and provide the solution to fix code to make websites ADA compliant.

Use IAX-Standard to test code during development to fix any issues that may arise as part of the development process before taking the site live.


IAX-rt is a real time digital ADA compliance monitoring solution. Our intelligent monitoring begins by installing a non-obtrusive script on every single page on the websites you are developing or managing. IAX-rt works 24/7 to make sure your customer’s websites are 100% ADA compliant. When an ADA compliant error is triggered. You will receive an immediate diagnostic report pinpointing the error, the exact location and the solution to fix it.


Adally’s IAX-Parallel platform provides rapid creation and hosting of ADA parallel websites. This solution is great for existing websites that need a quick and safe solution to provide equal access to information to users with different types of disabilities.

This solution is to be used in conjunction with existing websites. IAX-Parallel eliminates the challenge of remediating an entire website which can be expensive and time consuming.

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Let us help you get a strategic advantage over your competitors. The IAX-Certified solution will audit your pre-launch or remediated website build and certify ADA compliance. Adally then provides you the ADA compliance certification. Having a third party audit and certification will give you an advantage over your competition and provide peace of mind for you and your customers.

IAX Certified


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