Adally’s primary goal is to make online information accessible to all. We understand that fixing and remediating existing websites can be costly and extremely time consuming. Because of this we have developed IAX-Parallel to help bridge the gap and provide a solution that can be deployed in a minimum amount of time and without the costly fees of rebuilding a website.

Our IAX-Parallel framework allows the building of a complete parallel ADA version of the existing website. This will allow users with disabilities the ability to gain access to information on the website. This site is built and hosted on Adally’s IAX cloud which is tuned for ADA accessibility and inclusion.

Promoting and establishing an IAX-Parallel site can not only be profitable, but provides an extra layer of protection regarding digital compliance litigation and demands.

Once the accessible version of your website is built and installed, a link will be displayed on your client’s website which will point to the new accessible version of the website and provide instant inclusion and accessibility to all users.

Having an IAX-Parallel ADA compliant website serves to protect the website owner and provide equal access to all the content the website is publishing.

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