Are your clients starting to want ADA compliance with their new or current website?

ADA digital compliance is everywhere right now. More and more companies are acknowledging the importance of accessibility and inclusion on their websites. Now you can let them know that not only do you build ADA compliant websites, but you have an independent, third party company audit and certify your work upon launch.

Our IAX-Certified solution will be your third-party ADA certification partner. We have developed our certification process over countless hours of research, legal consultation, and software development.  Having your customers websites certified by Adally gives you a competitive advantage and the piece of mind of knowing a third party digital audit has been completed and signed off.

The Adally IAX-Certification conforms to Section 508 and WCAG accessibility standards. We work hand in hand with you right at the pre launch stage of your website build to make sure that when the website goes live it is compliant and offers up all of the content and information to all those that seek it out. Our certification focus is on inclusion and accessibility.

Get a competitive edge and make sure your website projects are certified ADA compliant.

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