The Adally Certified accessibility compliance scan of your current website, is an in depth scan that pinpoints the areas of your site that are not within ADA guidelines and are causing critical errors and warnings.

If you don’t have a prognosis for your site and ADA compliance you have a small chance of fixing the issues. You need to know what to fix and how to do it. We provide a full website scan, audit, and report so that you have all the critical data that you need to get your site compliant.

Legal issues around digital ADA compliance are escalating daily. In 2018 there were over 10,000 ADA related lawsuits and some experts predict by the end of 2019 there could be 3 or 5X that number.

Our Adally team is here to protect your business from the predatory attorneys that are preying on small business owners. We take the scan and produce a line by line custom report, showing you exactly where your site is vulnerable and reference all critical errors and warnings.

We also create a custom Adally Proactive Accessibility Plan (AP2). This plan shows that you are proactively working with the Adally ADA compliance team of experts to remedy the violations currently on your site and working to achieve complete compliance.

Making sure your website visitors all have equal access to your content and information is essential in todays day and age. The Adally certified compliance scan helps you understand where your website’s weaknesses are and get them corrected.

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