The Adally Certified accessibility compliance scan of your current website, is an in depth scan that pinpoints the areas of your site that are not within ADA guidelines and are causing critical errors and warnings.

Our scans will show you:

1. Exactly where the compliance error is located on your website.
2. The exact error and its definition.
3. A solution on how to fix and rid the site of the error.

Our scan produces a detailed diagnostic report after covering every line of code within your website. You cannot fix a problem until you are educated about where the problem exists and the solution to fix it.

Running the Adally compliance scan pinpoints issues that are causing a low-level experience for those with disabilities. We help you change this perspective and create an equal and inclusive experience for all your website visitors.

It all starts with diagnosing the issues. And it ends with accessibility and inclusion.

As we all now know, legal issues around digital ADA compliance are escalating daily. The Supreme Court ruling in the Robles vs. Dominos in 2019 case was a blockbuster win for those with disabilities. The time is now to make sure your site exhibits public accommodation.

Creating beautiful digital experience for those with disabilities is what Adally is all about, but we are also here to protect your business from the predatory attorneys that are preying on business owners.

Take action now and give us a call. Our Certified compliance scan is the very first step needed to get you on the path towards total accessibility.

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