Customized Accessibility Statement

We have developed our accessibility statements and plans over countless hours of research and legal consultation. The Adally accessibility plan are customized and will jump-start your company’s accessibility policy to have your website more inclusive for users with disabilities. Our customized plans clearly state your commitment to making your services, products and website comply with the accessibility guidelines recognized by the governing standards such as the W3C WCGA 2.1.

Why Provide an Accessibility Statement?

A customized Adally accessibility statement has two purposes. The first purpose is to relay a clear and precise statement that provides information on what level of accessibility your company is trying to reach on your website along with the methods and process you are using to achieve them. The second purpose is to show your commitment to making your information and services accessible to all in a powerful statement. A custom Adally Accessibility Statement will enhance your reputation, not only with your disabled users, but by all your visitors.