Adally Suite of Digital ADA Compliance Solutions

Our advanced compliance solutions are cost effective and can be implemented very quickly. Whether you are passionate about making sure everyone has equal access to your website’s content, or you have received a demand letter or served with a lawsuit, we can work quickly and effectively to help your situation.

Free Top Level ADA Scan

Use our Homepage ADA compliance scan and find out immediately if your site is compliant. Our scan and report will also tell what exactly needs to be fixed if you do have ADA compliance issues. In 2018 there were over 10,000 ADA related lawsuits and some experts think that in 2019 it could rise to 30,000+. Don’t fall victim to an ADA digital lawsuit. Scan your site today for free and get started down the path towards ADA website compliance.

Free ADA Widget

Adally creaåtes easy to install accessibility tools that work with your current website code without having to make any changes. Our tools are a first great step and will help you with ADA compliance specifically focused on WCAG 2.1, ADA & Section 508 standards.


The IAX-rt is a real time digital ADA compliance monitoring solution. Our intelligent monitoring begins by installing a non-obtrusive script on every single page on your website so that if there’s ever a change to any page on your website that is not ADA compliant, it triggers an alert automatically. When that alert is triggered, an email is immediately sent.

Customized Accessibility Statement

We have developed our accessibility statements and plans over countless hours of research and legal consultation. The Adally accessibility plan are customized and will jump-start your company’s accessibility policy to have your website more inclusive for users with disabilities. Our customized plans clearly state your commitment to making your services, products and website comply with the accessibility guidelines recognized by the governing standards such as the W3C WCGA 2.1.


The Adally Certified accessibility compliance scan of your current website, is an indepth scan that pinpoints the areas of your site that are not within ADA guidelines and are causing critical errors and warnings. If you don’t have a prognosis for your site and ADA compliance you have a small chance of fixing the issues. You need to know what to fix and how to do it. We provide a full website scan, audit, and report so that you have all the critical data that you need to get your site compliant.



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