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Adally creates easy to install accessibility tools that work with your current website code without having to make any changes. Our tools are a first great step and will help you with ADA compliance specifically focused on WCAG 2.1, ADA & Section 508 standards.

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Take the first step toward knocking your ADA compliance issues out with our
One -Two punch solution

ADA Compliance has become a necessity for websites, apps, and digital properties. Use our free Top Level scan to diagnose what type of errors your website is producing and then install our widget and take the first step down the road of ADA compliance.

On any given day on the average 10-20% of your website traffic has some type of disability. Our free Top Level scan and widget will lead you down the path to providing equal access to all your information and content.

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Web accessibility can be simple and straight forward.
You must understand where your site currently stands to create a path to being compliant, and have a solution in place to move forward.

The Adally Free Top Level  Scan will show you what needs to be fixed or updated to make your site ADA accessible and our widget is an immediate first step solution. When people visit your site they expect to be able to consume your content. Don’t get stuck unintentionally discriminating against those with disabilities.  Get your free Top Level scan and download our widget in minutes today.

Make your website accessible to all.
In the United States there are...

1 %
unable to Access Wesites
10 M
People Have a Disability

Statistics from: * Center for Disease Control (CDC) ** Epilepsy Foundation​

Stear Clear Of Legal Liability

ADA lawsuits are though the roof! Sticking your head in the sand will no longer do the trick. Be proactive and hit ADA compliance head on and make sure your site and business are protected. You don’t need large fines, lawsuits, and demand letters interrupting your business. Start down the path of compliance with The Depart Of Justice’s Section 508 Title II & III of the Americans With Disability Act.

Not only can you be on the hook for compensation and legal fees in an ADA civil lawsuit, but fines can range from $50,000-$100,000.

Our Scans Are Updating As We Type This

The Adally solutions we use to produce correct and pinpointed scan results are ever updating. When we ping, WCAG 2.1, Section 508 Title II & III, W3C, against your site we also look for changes in laws or regulatory updates. These updates are continuous, so no matter when you run your scan, you can be assured you are getting the up to the minute correct compliance results.

Companies just like yours trust Adally to make their websites and all their digital content accessible to people with disabilities.

**Website accessibility is a journey, not a destination. We feel the Adally widget is a wonderful first step in working toward ADA website compliance. Download our free widget today and start down the path.

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